SAMSUNG Printer Model

Tips For Searching for your toner model,

Kindly Press CTRL + F on your keyboard, key in your 4 digit printer model will do.

or simply search your toner/printer model on the search bar.

do let us know if your model is not listed, so we can better assist you.

CLP-310, CLP-310N, CLP-315 CLP-315W  CLX-3170, CLX-3175, CLX-3175FN, CLX-3175FW CLX-3175N

C430W, C480FW, C480W)

CLP-360, CLP-362, CLP-363, CLP-364, CLP-365, CLP-365W, CLP-367W and CLP-368 CLX-3300, CLX-3302, CLX-3303, CLX-3303FW, CLX-3304, CLX-3305, CLX-3305W, CLX-3305FW, CLX-3305FN, CLX-3307FW C410W, C460FW, C460W

C430W, C480FW, C480W)

CLX-3180, CLX-3185FW, CLX-3185N , CLX-3285 CLP-320, CLP-320N, CLP-321N, CLP-325, CLP-325W, CLP-326

CLP-680DW, CLP-680ND, CLX-6260FR, CLX-6260FW, CLX-6260ND

ML-2160, ML-2160W, ML-2165, ML-2165W, ML-2168W SCX-3400F, SCX-3400FW, SCX-3405F, SCX-3405FW, SCX-3405W SF-760
M2020W, M2070W, M2070FW
M2675FN, M2675N, M2825ND, M2835DW, M2875FW, M2885FW
SCX-4705ND, SCX-4729FD,SCX-4729FW ML-2955N, ML-2955DW.
SCX-3205W, SCX-3205W ML-1660, ML-1661, ML-1665, ML-1666, ML-1667, ML-1675, ML-1861 , ML-1865W
SCX-1600K, SCX-4600, SCX-4605K, SCX-4610K, SCX-4623, SCX-4623FN , SCX-4623FW
ML-1910, ML-1915, ML-1916K, ML-2525, ML-2525K, ML-2525W, ML-2540, ML-2545 , ML-2580N
SF-650, SF-650P
L-1640, ML-1640/XSS, ML-1641, ML-2240, ML-2240/XSS , ML-2241
SCX-4300 , SCX-4300/XSS.
ML-3310D, ML-3310ND, ML-3312ND, ML-3710D, ML-3710D/XSG, ML-3710DW, ML-3710ND, ML-3712ND , ML-3712NW. 

SCX-4833FD, SCX-4833FR, SCX-4835FD, SCX-4835FR, SCX-4839FR, SCX-4839FW, SCX-5637FR, SCX-5737FW, SCX-5639FR , SCX-5739FW.

SL-M3320 / SL-M3370 / SL-M3820
SL-M3870 / SL-M4020 / SL-M4024 / SL-M4070
M3325nd, M3375fd, M3825d, M3825dw, M3825nd, M3875fd, M3875fw, M4025nd, M4025nx, M4075fr, M4075fw, M4075fx
SCX-4826FN, SCX-4824FN, SCX-4824FN/XSG and SCX-4828FN.