HP PRINTER Printer Model

Tips For Searching for your toner model,

Kindly Press CTRL + F on your keyboard, key in your 4 digit printer model will do.

or simply search your toner/printer model on the search bar.

do let us know if your model is not listed, so we can better assist you.


 1600 / 2600n / 2605dn / 2605dtn / CM1015 / CM1017

CM1312, CM1312cb, CM1312ci, CM1312eb, CM1312ei, CM1312nfi, CM1312wb, CM1312wi, CP1213, CP1214, CP1215, CP1216, CP1217, CP1513n, CP1514n, CP1515n, CP1516n, CP1517ni, CP1518ni, CP1519ni

M251n / M251nw / MFP M276n / MFP M276nw

CP1021, CP1022, CP1023, CP1025, CP1025nw, CP1026nw, CP1027nw, CP1028nw, M175a, M175b, M175c, M175e, M175nw, M175p, M175R, M275, M275nw, M275s, M275t, and M275u.

CM1411fn, CM1412tn, CM1413fn, CM1415fn, CM1415fnw, CM1416fnw, CM1417fnw, CM1418fnw, CP1521, CP1522, CP1523, CP1525, CP1525nw, CP1526nw, CP1527nw, and CP1528nw

M712dn, M712n, M712xh M725dn, M725f, M725z, M725z+

M252dw, M252n, M274n, M277dw, M277n.

M551dn / M551n / M551xh / M570 dn / MFP M575dn / MFP M575f / MFP M575c

M254dw, M254nw, M280nw , M281fdn, M281fdw

M154a, M154nw, M180n, M181fw

CM2320 , CP2020 , CP2024 , CP2025 , CP2026 , CP2027

M351a, M375nw, M451nw, M451dn, M475dn

M203d, M203dn, M203dw, M227fdn, M227fdw, M227sdn

M476dn (CF386A) / M476dw (CF387A) / M476nw (CF385A)

M632fht M632h M631z M631h M609dn M632z M609x M608dn M607n M607dn 

M608n M633fh 

4200, 4300, 4250, 4250dtn, 4250dtnsl, 4250n, 4250tn, 4345, 4350, 4350dtn, 4350dtnsl, 4350n, 4350tn

M15a, M15w, M28a, M28w

CM-4540 , CP-4025 , CP-4520 , CP-4525

CP5525n , CP5525n , M750n 

HP LaserJet Enterprise 700 color MFP M775 series

M605dn / M605n / M605x M625dw M606dn / M606x / M630dn / M630f / M630h / M630z
M501dn / M501n M527c / M527z M527dn / M527n M506dn / M506n / M506x
M602n / M602dn / M602x M4555f / M4555fskm / M4555h
M603n / M603dn / M603xh

M118dw, M148dw, M148fdw, M149

1000, 1005, 1200, 1200n, 1200se, 1220, 1220se, 3310, 3310mfp, 3320,

3320mfp, 3320n, 3300, 3300mfp , 3330 3380

P1002, P1003, P1004, P1005, P1006, P1007, P1008, P1009.

M1120, M1120a, M1120h, M1120n, M1120w, M1522n, M1522nf, M1522nt, P1503, P1503n, P1504, P1504n, P1505, P1505n, P1506, P1506n.

P4014dn, P4014n, P4015dn, P4015n, P4015tn, P4015x, P4515n, P4515tn P4515x.

P3010 P3015. M525c, M525dn, M525f, P3015d, P3015dn, P3015n P3015x M5210dn.

P1566, P1567, P1568, P1569, P1606, P1606dn, P1607dn, P1608dn, and P1609dn. M1530, M1536dnf, M1537dnf, M1538dnf, M1539dnf.

P1100, P1102, P1102W, P1104, P1104W, P1106, P1106W, P1107, P1107W, P1108, P1108W, P1109, P1109W. M1132, M1134 , M1136 , M1137 , M1138 , M1139 , M1210, M1212nf, M1213nf, M1214nf, M1216nf, M1217nf, M1218nf, M1219nf.

M4555 M601n M602n M603n

P2035, P2035n, P2055d, P2055dn P2055x

M402n, M402dn, M402dw, M402m, M402dne, M426fdn, M426fdw

M12a, M12w, M26a , M26nw

M452dn, M452dw, M452nw, M377dw M477fdw, M477fnw

M102a / M102w M130a / M130fn / M130fw / M130nw

M401dn, M401dne, M401dw, M401n, M425dn, M425dw.

M630f  M604n M605d M605dN M605x M606dn

M127fn, M127fw, M125a M225dw.

H1010, 1012, 1018, 1020, 1020nw, 1022, 1022n, 1022nw, 3020, 3015, 3030, 3050, 3052 and M1319f.

1160, 1160Le, 1320, 1320n, 1320nw, 1320t, 1320tn, 3390 3392.

2410, 2420, 2420d, 2420dn, 2420n, 2430, 2430dtn, 2430n, 2430t, 2430tn
M3027 M3027x M3027x M3035xs P3005 P3005d P3005dn P3005n P3005x 

1160, 1160Le, 1320, 1320n, 1320nw, 1320t M2727nf.

CP5225 / CP5225dn / CP5225n

M632fht M632h M631z M631h M609dn M632z M609x M608dn M607n M607dn 

M608n M633fh